Time | Quantum Expert Forensics Limited (“TQEF”) was formed in 2012 by the Company’s two Directors,
Christopher Ennis and David Halford, and is a specialist consultancy firm providing expert technical advice to the construction industry in the context of disputes. This can take the form of assisting in the avoidance of disputes or, where disputes arise, to assist in effective and economic resolution either through support of negotiations or by acting as an independent expert witness in conjunction with the client’s legal team in formal dispute processes. Our services support the client’s legal team rather than supplanting them.

We deliver independent quantum and delay analysis expert advice to all sectors of the construction and engineering industries, including employers, consultants and contractors, and across a wide range of projects, including housing, commercial and public buildings, leisure facilities, health and educational facilities, highways/roads, petrochemical installations, power stations, railways and airports.

We are able to provide our services internationally as well as in the UK domestic market, and in connection with small and large scale projects and disputes, with the ability to tailor our resources as appropriate. With both quantum and delay analysis capabilities in-house (with each discipline headed up by the two company Directors) we can offer significant benefits of synergy in our analysis when instructed on disputes requiring the detailed complementary input of both disciplines.
As a boutique consultancy firm, the Directors of TQEF ensure delivery of high quality advice to clients by their direct involvement at every stage of the dispute resolution process

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